Friday, 28 April 2017

Is Everyone an Entrepreneur?

Second Post,...

Wow I am quite building a habit here....


But it shows a greater yearning to impact my society especially the Youth that are geared towards Entrepreneurship. I am a Solutions provider and Entrepreneurship and Innovation are the tools I use to create value in Nigeria.

I feel despite my attempts to inspire the Youth towards Entrepreneurship, I have to accept that not everyone is supposed to be an Entrepreneur. That is why there is only one Mark Zuckerberg, only one Richard Branson amongst many others.

Why do I say this...

I personally feel that potential entrepreneurs are naturally drawn to problems. Problems that constantly gnaw at their minds to create solutions.

Personally, I feel you realise this in patterns.

Well for me it did, anyways....

I realised this, especially as a result of being raised by a full-time 'Entrepreneur' dad and a part-time 'Entrepreneur' mum.

Through my different opportunities while working as a Student Ambassador of Coventry University and as a customer service personnel for Compass Group, I would easy for me to realise that I didn't suit into the role of an employee. I appreciate skills , technical and interpersonal that I gained from my roles in those organisations but the regular monotony in the roles did not suit my 'personality trait'.

At the time, I was experiencing this, I felt perhaps there was something wrong that I would start a role and sooner rather than later it would become, uninteresting, politely put.

After my  Peterson's School of Purpose training on Life's Purpose and Clarity, convened by my mentor, Mr Peterson Adeniyi CEO, AR Peterson Consulting, I was able to understood who I am and what role I should play in the society. It is important to note that this was only possible through the Divine Grace of God.

It is important that if you do not have clarity, you should get across to him to help out. But it is important that you believe in God to show you the truth through my mentor. You can either reach out to him through his website or facebook account. The links are below:

1. Website

2. Facebook

Well, If you've done that, wait a well. If you don't get a response, definitely get across to me through comments on my blog or an email to

Yeah, thats that....

Let me continue...

I personally feel that Entrepreneurs are not drawn primarily to money. They are drawn to providing exponential solutions to societal problems.

Let me use Nigerian/African examples.

Andela leveraged on the lack of a large network of experienced and skilled programmers, graphic designers amongst others. I call them Techies...

He realized that there were not enough great techies in Africa and his startup company leveraged on that to get a $24,000,000 investment, from the Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative.

If you are truly an Potential,Budding or you're already a StartUp Entrepreneur, you should ask yourself this question.

What Nigerian/African problem am I leveraging on to providing a lasting solution, and of course earn big bucks.

Disclaimer: Entrepreneurs leverage on problems and not on money. If you don't think that way, I am sorry, you are not an Entrepreneur.

Watch and pay attention to my Youtube video, I shed some light on this issue there as well. 

Thanks for reading,

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