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First blog post,

Here goes everything,

Well. My name is Ejieji Munachiso. I am the founder and CEO of my own start up business called HubbonNG. I created it out of the yearning to solve a plethora of problems that I feel are inherent in Nigeria and indeed in Africa. With my main focus on low productivity levels in the private and public sector in Nigeria.

HubbonNG is my very first solid attempt at building a system that would look to solve productivity issues in Nigeria.

But as the saying goes, ‘Poco a poco’ which translates to, ‘One step at a time’.

So HubbonNG currently looks to be a courier, business and engineering consultancy company.

Complicated and lumpy?….

Well yes!

This is why…

I am a civil engineer by profession,  but a through and through innovator.

I launched this dream on a basis to start small but with a dream big mentality, that’s why it seems quite cumbersome. But other would launch step by step from this parent company. So that’s why…

Well back to my journey….

I have always had parents that are Entrepreneurial in thinking. My dad launched his first venture right after Youth Service, a  small town pharmacy store to cater to the populace in a suburb in Mainland, Lagos. He gradually moved into drug supplies with some government hospitals. And today, from that little pharmacy,  he has expanded into real estate, general supplies, construction, mining and engineering services working with private and public institutions alike.

My mum on the other hand, a teacher and civil servant by profession, right from university had also been involved with clothing and the fashion design industry. Buying material from large wholesalers and designing clothes, using skilled tailors and retailing the clothes to her mates in University, even before graduating. She got married, had me and my siblings and still kept on that business, and now she’s runs her owns clothing business with a reasonable customer base, combining cultural attires as well as formal attires from both Nigerian and international brands. She runs this in sync with her job civil service.

Well, that was just the right recipe and exposure into the life of business in Nigeria. It built my  ideology of starting small and dreaming big.

Well, with my experience during my study-work journey in the United Kingdom as a undergraduate student of Civil Engineering at Coventry university while working as a Student Ambassador of the Recruitment and Admissions Department of the University and as a Cashier/Customer Service agent for the Compass Group at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground. I had gained a high level of interpersonal skills, like leadership, communication, presentation, team-building and team work skills amongst many others.

My experience in the United Kingdom gave me the opportunity to grow my work ethic and understood what it meant to work within a structured organization and how to build employee-employee relationships as well as employee-employer relationship in other to build a good working environment and get the best not only out of yourself but also out of others to make a positive impact on the organization.

Despite all the good attributes I had acquired from my experience in the United Kingdom, I also realized that working in monotonous roles and lack of change of responsibilities or living in a scheduled setting didn’t really suit my personality.

That awareness coupled with the recipe of having Entrepreneurial parents and the vast experience and skills set acquired from roles I’ve performed in different companies both home and abroad, I knew that all roads led to Entrepreneurship.

Following the exemplary inventions and the impact made on the world by men like Tony Elumelu, Steve Jobs,  Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk  amongst other great inventors and Entrepreneurs alike. I took time out to study and learn from their documented experiences and their journeys to building truly disruptive technology and companies.

I studied them because I have always wanted to invent a disruptive product or build a fortune 500 company, or reduce poverty. In simple forms, I have always wanted to make the world a better place in any little way that I can.

After much introspection, research and sharing ideas with peers alike. I came up with HubbonNG,  a delivery and brand promotion service. Our core values rooted on providing an effective and streamlined delivery service equipped with functionalities that promote excellent customer service. We also look to offer brand promotion and business consultancy services to Nigerian/African youth that want to start up their own Ventures especially those centered local production in Nigeria and in Africa. HubbonNG is growing to be a major proponent of altering the consumerist nature of African Markets to a production and distribution center to Europe and other parts of the world.

Thank you for reading,

Muna (HubbonNG)

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