Monday, 15 May 2017

Is Your Social Network Worth it?

So I did a video about this, where I tried to alter my environment and make the video appear more spontaneous and unrehearsed and to me I enjoyed the stroll home but apparently from the feedback I got, there was too much background noise and I was way too lax to drive a point home into the heads of the viewers.

Understood....I am just starting afterall...Keep the criticisms coming and I appreciate every criticism that comes my way and as time goes by and I get more accustomed to making videos, and as I grow more subscribers I would be sure to continuously improve the content a s well as the quality of the video.

I believe that goes without saying...


Let us get down to the business of the day....

Ever wondered why you might post a poll on twitter or on facebook or just make a rather just decide to share a message right out of the heart. Does that post get the same level of reactions (engagements: likes, comments and shares) as it would if you shared a funny video or a recycled joke from 2010.

It all depends on your network.

By Network I mean, the sum total of the people that you are connected with on your social media. Your network on facebook ranges from your friends (1st Generation) or to your friends of friends (2nd Generation) and to the public (3rd Generation to the public). It is the same ideology for twitter and instagram, except your network on those platforms are referred to as your followers.

They all work the same way...

In my experience especially as I started to launch my business on my social media platforms starting off with Twitter and later rolling out the brand on Facebook, Instagram and finally on YouTube.

I realized that the network of friends and their friends,and perhaps acquaintances that I might have met on the various social media were the people I was counting on to spread the word about my business. It did work for a little while but I realized that to actually leverage my business and to create awareness I had to look towards bolstering my social media presence by truly following accounts on being parts of already established networks or I would better state them mastermind groups that look out for each other and inspire each other to greatness.

Why do I say this?

At times people have tried to perhaps display  a bag, a pair of shoes, wristwatches in an attempt to spur interest in the items that they are willing to trade in for money on social media.
Without engagements on that post, characterized by likes, comments and shares. The post would be difficult to be noticed in the timelines of friends or friends of friends. If your network does not respond to your posts, the chances are you would be disappointed at the turn out on the items you would have expected to sell easily.

That then brings me to the importance of our social network?

Over time, I have realized how important it is to create a meaningful social media network.

When I decided to launch on twitter, I spent a couple of weeks displaying my ideas and doing low-level adverts for delivery services and those did not go very far.

I realized how important it was to alter my network, I realized how I spent time following Nigerian Twitter celebrity accounts that didn't do much but trade insults and recycle old jokes. I had to unfollow a whole lot of accounts and decided to channel my time to following and learning from people that were evidently better than I was. Started from publicists account to advertising platforms, to successful men and women in my African ecosystem and some abroad. I followed a few inspirational quote and christian accounts in a bid to somehow see a few words that might spark a sudden drive, a reminder to let me know that God was in the driving seat of my life.

That particular change, enabled me to see a whole new dimension that Twitter gave me. I was open to seeing more opportunities to improve and add value to my life and to gain a better understanding of what it meant to run a business and all the intricacies that come along with building a brand. Marketing, SEO, the whole lot. Within a few months, I realized I had grown my follower base from 400 to about 900. A feat I never could attain since I joined twitter in 2010. And this was from a more unknown crowd. A crowd that appealed to me and I appealed to.

It is okay, absolutely fine, if you use your social media strictly for recreational purposes, you can do whatever you choose. It does not really matter.

Although I went for a seminar, a couple weeks ago and I learned that 8.5 million Nigerians are online on a daily basis. For me, after hearing that particular statement, right at the start of the training, I was already plugged in, ready to learn about ways on how to leverage my business on Facebook and other social media platforms.

If you have a business, It is important to learn how to leverage your business on social media because the younger generation are increasingly getting more tech savvy and are continuously looking online for the next business that can help me carry out certain tasks effectively and to their convenience.

So if you are in this light, I personally feel it is a 'no brainer'. Get involved, leveraging on a great social network, you can begin to build your business online through social media to ensure that the business becomes more visible.


Watch the video below for more;

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