Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Open Letter to NYSC Corpers

   An Open Letter to National Youth Service Corpers.

“Get real, Dream big, and Start small”

I had made up my mind a couple weeks ago that I was going to finally do this. I am here, now.

Before I finally settled on this topic….

I had contemplated a number of topics.
1. Nigeria’s problem.
2. Our solution
3. Entrepreneuring Nigeria into the future
4. Start Up Funding

But thinking inwards into these various topics I realized that either I did not know so much to put myself in the position to talk about certain issues or how irrelevant it is to talk about issues that are beyond our control.
Other topics perhaps would have appealed to select audience and would have left the rest of the people with a sense of discontent, typically phrased like “How this business talk take concern me now, or this boy no know say I want go house”.
Through further introspection, I received an epiphany of sorts. I had finally got a topic I feel if properly executed would appeal to a very large percentage of us here.

It is titled, “Get real, Dream Big, Start Small”

I would want this talk to be as interactive as possible, and for that reason at certain points within this talk I would ask a few questions that I feel should be addressed in this gathering.

Which successful person do you want to be like and why? (2 people)

Let us be real, the chances are that we would never be like those people, the best we could be would be good fake versions or mimics of whoever the role model is, be it Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Tony Elumelu, Senator Kwankwaso, Dino Melaye, etc.

The best version of anyone you can be is the best version of yourself. We should not spend our time trying to be like others, especially when God calls each and every one of us to fulfill a specific purpose on Earth and perhaps more specifically in Nigeria.

We here are potential presidents, vice presidents, senate presidents, civil servants and Entrepreneurs that are called to make Nigeria a better place.
The reason why Nigeria is not progressing as it should, in my opinion, is because people choose not to follow their callings.

“Imagine someone that is destined to be an Entrepreneur who decides to be a civil servant, the chances are he would use his position to create a money making venture, and we all know what that is, Corruption.”

If you ask me, Nigerian Youth are ultimately lucky, unlike graduates from other countries, we have this year after graduation as a time for deep reflection. For me, I have decided, despite many challenges, to have a positive view on this National Youth Service Year as we all should.

How do you measure success, describe a successful person, give an example? (2 persons)

Let us get real. We all here are successful. We once all wrote jamb, and started university, we should take note that not everyone we started with were lucky enough to be enrolled into the NYSC Program. If that is not success, I don’t know what is.

Why do I say this?

A young man, I met at a public speaking training seminar once explained to a number of us that success is a journey. This is true. If you have accomplished a few milestones in your life, you have the right to rejoice and be glad.

It goes to show how important it is to celebrate small successes.

It gives you a sense of fulfillment and builds your self-confidence. We all must understand that even if you do not have that nice car at this moment, or, if you are in my shoes and you have not saved enough money to move of your parents’ house. You have to be appreciative that at least, you are beginning to take necessary steps to be independent, or as I would like to term it, “self-dependent”.

How many of us here want to be rich?

Perhaps not filthy rich, but just well enough to be comfortable, you know. Most of us want the simple stuff like owning your house, driving your car, comfortably paying your children’s fees without any stress.

I am sure, the answer to that is unanimous.

Let us get real.

We all here, would count ourselves extremely lucky, if every single one of us is comfortable enough to afford all the necessities of life.

This is just the harsh truth.

Let us think big picture for a minute.

What is the percentage of Nigerians that are between middle class and the elite class? 30% (Being generous)

Despite the issues we face as Nigerians, I would still be right to say that for one to be truly successful, the individual must have made himself / herself relevant.

In a perfect society, you must be able to create value, to become relevant.

It is fair to state that no society is perfect. That is why there is corruption in Nigeria as well as prejudice that leads to the unfair justice system in the United States of America.

What should we do to make ourselves relevant? (2 persons)

Well, at this point, we may not be in the position to effect drastic change except we are all ready to lead a revolution in Nigeria.

But before that happens, in our own little way, we must learn to improve ourselves constantly. In order to be relevant, we must always create value in ourselves and in other people that we meet along our journey in life.

This NYSC period creates the perfect opportunity to explore our surroundings and the different opportunities available to us, work hard in our PPA’s in a bid to make ourselves relevant, with the hope that we would have the opportunity to make Nigeria better through the civil service or build ideas and turn them into profit or non-profit organizations that would not only transform Nigeria and Africa but the whole world.

Funny thing is, it just starts with a step. What step are you going to take?

For me, I have decided to start my own logistics/courier/delivery company, HubbonNG that not only delivers parcels and packages, but also advertise for our clients. This, I personally believe is my first step in the right direction.

This platform offers me the opportunity to not only to advertise my brand, but to also improve my public speaking ability as I have put effort to let each and every one of us know that no matter what it is that we dream of, once you take that first step, the journey becomes interesting, and the people that succeed are those that enjoy every bit of their life’s journey.

Thank you and God bless,
Ejieji Munachiso.

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