Sunday, 14 May 2017

STARTUP TALK: Creating Values (My Fela Durotoye Challenge) #Valueschallenge

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I posted something on here....

Seeing that I haven't even blogged about all the videos that I have posted on YouTube over time so that people that do not have the opportunity to watch the videos can take out time to read about the points that I touched on in the videos to be able to understand exactly the message I conveyed or attempted to convey in those videos...

Well it feels good to be back and I am sure that you're happy to have me back as well...

Well let's get to work....

A couple weeks ago, let's say three...

Well thereabout.

We the members of the Fela Durotoye Network were tasked with creating another video tagged, #ValuesChallenge

We were told to create a 1 min video to convince the people in our network about the importance of  creating value.

It is important to note that if we do not create value, we are in one way or the other constituting to being part of the problem.

That is obviously not good...

Well I guess you should know that...

Take this instance...

A teacher perhaps doesn't take her job seriously, she hardly teaches the students or hardly arrives her class on time and even when she arrives she just gives the children busy work. She doesn't create value in the kids in her class.

Those students end up cheating their way all the way through Secondary school and eventually more of the same in the WAEC (special centres, we are all aware of this).

Well they end up sorting lecturers at university level and if they are lucky not to have been drawn into one cult group or the other, they graduate and they take part in the NYSC programme.

Let us assume after shadily going through school and learning perhaps next to nothing, the students now graduate enter the job market and are luckily to land a job in the federal civil service.

What is the obvious outcome?

The chances are they would perform their duties satisfactorily... that goes without saying...

That is if they even consider it important enough to come to work when they ought to.

It is fair to say they do not create value in the workplace.


I am sure you can now see the correlation between the bad teacher that didn't impart values into the lives of those kids. And those kids, now adults, do not create value in their workplace.

I am sure that you now understand that if you do not create value in any place and position in which you find yourself, you constitute to a larger problem and even if you do not realize, a vicious cycle of poor values would start from you.

In a country like Nigeria, we can obviously know that everywhere we find ourselves we can see problems caused by Nigerians that refuse to create value in their workplace and more importantly in their homes with their children.

If a few Nigerians, like you and I decide to take it upon ourselves, to create value in our workplace, in one another and in the younger ones, we would be playing our part in making Nigeria a better place in the future.

Thanks and God bless.

Muna (HubbonNG)

Click the link below to get to watch the video.

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