Monday, 26 June 2017

This Generation Project 2017 Conference : Redesigning the future, Taking Responsibility

I have become some sort of event monger, I jump at every opportunity to learn something new and ask questions from thought leaders in entrepreneurship, public service and governance. The event was graced by speakers that I definitely wanted the opportunity to ask questions. What drew me specifically to this event were the people that were going to be giving 'nuggets' at this event. The likes of Peter Obi, Tara Durotoye, Angel Adelaja, Femi Oye, Adetayo Bamiduro and someone I especially look up to , Kola Aina.

Trust me. After seeing those names, I know you would have loved to be there.

Now comes the funny part... Let's laugh now...Before I finally out myself.

So I was too gassed to actually look at the timing, and I knew about this event two weeks ahead of time. I know right! Too damn lousy.

So while I was having a well-deserved sleep, more like hibernation, my spider senses went haywire. My body was too sure I was missing something amazing. I got up by 12pm and I realized I had already missed about 4 hours of the event. Mad innit, after getting all of you gassed.

Can you imagine, because of the amazing sweet sleep I was having. I actually missed the whole speech from Peter Obi, and I was going to ask some serious questions, could not have him getting away with telling the crowd the 'two pairs of shoes' lie again like he did on The Platform.

Well I eventually got there in time for some real 'nuggets'.

I was right there in time for the workshops. It was a tough pick though. Here were the options.

1. Beauty and Fashion
2. ICT and Internet of Things
3. Politics, Governance and Youth Participation
4. Faith, The Entertainment Industry and The Millenials
5. Entrepreneurships and Startups
6. Ministry and Dynamic Kingdom Advancement
7. Rethinking Education
8. Agriculture Value Chain and Opportunities

Trust me. If you think they are hard for you to pick just one, trust me I wanted to split my time between all of the workshops. lol.

Well I felt, I had to focus, and I went for it, all of you know what I would have picked though.


The workshop was facilitated by Femi Oye and he dropped so many 'nuggets'. I would try and not be too long though.

1. We need more social entrepreneurs.
2. Social Entrepreneurship is not a form of philanthropy or an NGO but is out there to make profit while making the world a better place.
3. He decided to work towards creating "Green" Energy Solutions with his company SMEFunds.

He noted that we need to focus on the what and the why to create a successful business.

He said that in order  create a successful business we need to focus on the what and the why of the business first. What is the business we want to know and why are we doing it.

It is alright to be selfish about making money, everyone wants money primarily, but we only become extremely successful when we focus our business on solving a particular problem people are having and that solution is impacting on their lives positively.

What came next. You know this!!

There were a lot of questions as you would've guessed, but I am going to be selfish and state only mine. Yes it's my blog, so it is definitely my right.

Well in his speech he noted that his company was developing electric tricycles and motor bikes. And definitely, you know that had to grab my attention. I have always wondered how the fluctuating price of petrol would have a direct effect on my business. Any opportunity to totally avoid long queues was definitely an option I was ready to take. Solar powered transportation, definitely a 'no brainer'.

I told him the electricity powered motorbikes and tricycles sounded like an amazing idea, especially for my delivery business.

I sold myself and HubbonNG a bit (in hindsight probably a lot) obviously.

I told him that I was more interested in knowing how they would work given that we experience poor electricity in Nigeria.


He said that they would be able to build the charging centres at selected areas owned by the client in order for the bikes to run effectively or better still offer solar powered tricycles and avoid the charging centres all in all.

Definitely you know that was got my attention, I had to rush in after the workshop and got his card. I'm already in touch with him.

Well, after that was over. They played (5) two minute videos for youth that put in entries for the #ForMyNigeria challenge for the chance to go to Ethiopia and visit the African Union Headquarters all expense paid.

Shortly after that was the finale. A tete a tete session moderated by Kingsley Bangwell with Tara Durotoye, Adetayo Bamiduro, Femi Oye (The Green Entrepreneur, as I would like to call him) and Angel Adelaja.

Tara spoke about how she started 'House of Tara'. A make up line and make-up training school franchise.

Angel spoke about how she started 'Fresh Direct'. A modular agro business for growing and delivering fresh vegetables in Nigeria. (This business had a crazy wow! factor. Trust me, no one has thought of this in a million years) Comment and ask me about this.

Femi spoke about SMEFunds. A Green Energy Business and Funding platform.

Well, To end it up all they were asked to drop advice to the Youth listening to them and what they need to do to become like them.

haha, Nuggets of life!

They dropped a lot of nuggets, but I would say just 5 so that next time you wont miss such an opportunity.

1. You cannot be great in life, if you do not get started.
2. To be successful in life, you need to have faith in God, Engage with the people that have a particular problem and be resilient to always offer the solution to that group of people.
3. Look, associate with and learn from people that are where you want to be.
4. Associate with positively nourishing people.
5. Believe in Yourself and Rely on God.

The experience I had from this event, was truly amazing, I would definitely not miss the next one, I don't need to tell you that you would carry last if you miss the next one. I met some great people and definitely have added some more people to my ever increasing network of individuals that would move Nigeria many steps forward.

Yours Truly,
Muna (HubbonNG)


  1. Kudos Muna. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you sir. I enjoy writing. By God's grace, I would keep getting better everyday.

  2. Every writer gets better and better as they write-on. Write-on bro.

    1. Thank you. Soon enough, StartUp talk blog would be the go-to blog to learn about Youth Development , Governance and how it leads to improving Entrepreneurship in Africa with a primary focus in Nigeria.

  3. Good job. I'd appreciate if you could advertise such events in the future.

    1. Thank you. Definitely we would be advertising events that are centered around Entrepreneurship as a means of inspiring fellow youth towards exploring the opportunities to be self-dependent.


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