Wednesday, 30 August 2017

CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Part 1 (Personal appraisal)

Hello Everyone,

Under normal circumstances I would not choose to apologize, because this is my blog and I do what I want, but I do appreciate that a couple of my amazing readers have actually been worried that I have not been putting up content on my blog that inspires them and really makes them think about what solutions they want to provide for the country rather than think about how they can join the 'status quo' , most especially the lot that take 'corruption' as business as usual.

Well I took a well deserved sabbatical, I took a break off HubbonNG to appreciate my life and how much I have been able to accomplish over a short period of time. I have come a long way since I figured out what the general idea behind my company was going to be,over a year ago, right up to where I am now, securing funding as well as running a 3-man team to bring the ideas to life.

I had completed my TEF Business and Financial Plan as well as opened my corporate bank account to ensure that once the seed funds are ready to be disbursed to us, there would not be any hiccups accessing said funds(what Nigerians typically call wahala). Well after that, I took about a month, to relax, think and assess my performance over the year. And in my opinion, this has been my most constant attempt at a venture. Trust me, I have ran numerous blogs and stopped, tried poetry and creative writing, that is still definitely a work in progress and I had dabbled in a lot of MLM businesses (what Nigerians call network marketing business), all never lasted over a period of 6 months. (I am being generous here LOL). And all in all, I took time to appreciate God and his efforts to ensure I am consistent in building a formidable company with a world class team.

I think you would agree with me, that I did need the break.

But funny enough, you know me and Entrepreneurship events and trainings. I really cannot resist.

Over the past month I have attended a couple of programmes centred around Entrepreneurship. The 3 most important being;

1. Fireside Chat with Iyi Aboyeji
2. CETVETAR-UNN National Economic Recovery Programme
3. Digital Marketing Training by SQT Web Solutions.

I would iterate what I learnt from them in subsequent posts.

But I think it is important to note how important it is for one to be consistent in whatever they do. Despite the fact that I had decided to take a breather, I was still drawn to attend these events because there was this innate desire and commitment to continuously develop myself to be a more seasoned Entrepreneur and to network with people that are potential mentors, investors, partners as well as customers. In those events I always made sure that I told people about me and told them about my business and what my team and I do.

For me, offline events seem to play a huge part especially towards my customer acquisition process. Most times when I get a delivery request from a new customer, it is almost always a referral from someone I had met at an event. I had just realized, a couple weeks ago, that it was the most effective distribution channel for my StartUp.

This speaks a lot to consistency. It is usually the differentiator between an average student and  a successful one.

There is a saying that goes,

"Do what you love and love what you do"

I have an  innate desire to help people and to create solutions that make lives better. This is what I love to do regardless of any situation. I am drawn constantly to helping people and processes be more productive.

This innate desire gave rise to HubbonNG, a startup company that I founded based on the need to create a system where businesses and their customers can trade and communicate online seamlessly.

This is my company pitch,

"HubbonNG looks to improve and innovate the MSME sector through applying ICT to spur trade through offering business listing, e-commerce, delivery, map navigation and instant messaging services".

My company slogan,

"HubbonNG! , Connecting businesses with customers"

You can see that from the slogan and company pitch that the ideology behind HubbonNG stems from my desire to help people and I think that is really the key to the consistency in building HubbonNG has a popular StartUp Brand in Nigeria.

What are you doing? Is there an underlying reason as to why you do what you do?

You can only be successful at an activity, if you derive or create value, by consistently applying your passions towards a goal (completing the activity).

My final word to you is this,

"A successful venture is one that creates value built, managed and improved by passionate and committed individuals that work towards a shared goal"

Thanks for reading,

It's great to be back!

Best regards,



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading. What are you trying to be succeed it. It is imperative that you consistently work on honing your skills and deliver value to anyone you meet or do business with.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for consistently supporting our brand from when it was just an idea to where we have collectively built it too. We await your return to Nigeria so we can work together to build our brand to a multi-billion dollar business. God bless you!


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