Saturday, 18 November 2017


This is really going to be a very short piece because I need to quickly jet out for a delivery. The startup hustle life is real, it's hard, but it's fun.

So a couple of you might be asking what does the power of networking have to do with anything funding. It has everything to do with it.

There is a saying that goes, "Your Network is your net-worth". You might disagree but I agree. I also belong to the school of thought that says," you are a sum total of the five people you spend most of your time with". Crazy right? It's true. That is why I always like to hang around and learn from people that have achieved more than I have and share my own 'little ideas' and get them critiqued by the "gurus".

The last funding opportunity I shared with you all was the SAGE Enterpise Fund. I found out about it because it was shared by a Fellow YALI Abuja member on our whatsapp platform  and I decided I ought to put it out on the blog so that people in the NGO sector or social entrepreneurs can get involved in this opportunity to grow their impact in their communities. This was only possible because I am a member of the Yali Network,  Abuja Chapter.

In the post on African Technology to the World, Emmanuel Otegah mentioned the importance of networking with people in his ecosystem and how it continues to help him learn more about Entrepreneurship and the effect it has had on his business growth. The Power of Networking cannot be overemphasized.

The many startup funding applications that I have applied for (many of which I did not qualify for) was not as a result of research but opportunities shared by fellow Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs on a whatsapp group forum. Big shout out to Ovie Uwode , a fellow 2017 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur for the link to KapitalNG. There have been so many opportunities that I found on there to raise funding for my startup!

Let me paint you this real picture. If I never got involved with The Yali Network, I would never have known about the Tony Elumelu Foundation and I would never have known about the other opportunities abound to raise funding for my startup. Real Enough?

I am in no way claiming to be an expert on fundraising but I would share some sites that I have seen a couple of opportunities and I feel it would be beneficial to a couple of you my readers that are either running their own organisations or are sourcing for seed funding to start. Have a look but take note, different opportunities are focused on different sectors, do research and find the opportunities for your sector and are available for your country. Don't waste your time and apply for an opportunity that is only available for Americans. LOL

Here are a couple sites you can look at where to find funding opportunities,

There are a lot more but if you want more opportunities, ask your questions in the comment section below. We want to know your industry and what sort of funding you are looking for. It would be good you add your contact details so that we can reach out to you. If that isn't too safe for you, you are better off popping us an email here 


drop us a text here +2347015766545

Best regards,

Ejieji Muna

(PS: I know I missed out on the Thursday post, but let me give you a tidbit, I visited Co-creation Hub in Yaba and it was a blast, I am going to write about my experience. It is still cooking, when it's done. you will know. LOL)

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