Sunday, 19 November 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa


I would be referring to christian content but this is not to deter my amiable Islamic readers but I would refer you to excerpts from the bible to iterate some guiding principles on which this post is developed from.

What are you doing with your talents?

According to the Gospel of Matthew 25: 14- 30, we are told that servants of a master had property spread across them each according to their abilities. We read that to the one that was given 5 talents, he brought back 5 more talents, the one that received 2 talents brought back 2 more talents in return and the servant that was given 1 talent he went ahead to bury it in the ground. We heard that even the one talent that he was given was taken away from him.

Why this analogy?

Indulge me for a minute, Imagine that you were funded N5 million naira for your business, how would you assess your success rate , would it be by posting N5million naira profits? Although profits are good, I assess success to be when you have the ability to fund another person's business with N5 million.

Again this is just an illustration,

As Entrepreneurs we are supposed to view Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for progress for ourselves and our communities. In Africa, we have the mandate to transform our continent and create prosperity for our communities. The 'ingenuity' of Entrepreneurs is a God-given 'talent' and we are expected to multiply those talents by impacting our communities either through educational, poverty alleviation, Investment, human capacity development etc.

African Startups

As an African Startup Entrepreneur, we might not have the funds to do amazing projects for poor communities around our business communities or where we live. But participating in outreach events and spending time with the disadvantaged people and sharing a smile with them might be all we could do to make one life easier than it was yesterday.

We need to build the culture of ensuring that our businesses directly have positive impact on the communities where they run their businesses or reside in. We should see ourselves as the drivers of change on our continent, using Entrepreneurship as our vehicle. We need to drift away from that understanding that Entrepreneurship is merely for profit making.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,

Best regards,
Ejieji Muna

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