Monday, 20 November 2017

How to speak confidently in public

As Entrepreneurs and even as Intrapreneurs it is important that we are able to communicate effectively our thoughts and ideas to our board members, our staff, our customers, during interviews and to large audiences. We must not only communicate effectively but confidently and at time persuasively to drive people towards a common goal.


I remember when I was 8 years old and I written a poem "courtesy my mum" that was selected by the Principal and I was selected to presented to the whole school at assembly. That was the first time that winning something really sucked. Imagine a quiet kid that couldn't speak in class asked to speak in front of the whole school. It was terrifying. Even after having the principal put an arm of over me to calm me down. I still ended up like this while reading my speech.

It pretty much remained the same till  SS1...

I remember I had become friends with very vocal people and they rubbed off on me. Not magic per se, I would say it was a strategy to get out of my shell. 

I am lying it was a coincidence. LOL.

I remember when I felt that magical moment that I wasn't just getting out of the shell, I was taking out the shell like the Nigerian version of Professor X.

It was when I acted in an Independence Day dance drama and I had a semi-solo scene where the white people and the 'nigerians' had all been murdered and I was the last man standing, and I picked up the gun and shot myself. It was epic for me and I felt the crowd cheering and laughing at how I acted out the scene. I knew then that I was going to be a "Ramsey Noah".

You can argue that Ramsey and I don't look alike, just wait until money falls on me.LOL


Rome was not built in a day.

I didn't get better just from the drama. Remember I looked good while dancing, my speaking was still way off.

Here are a couple more things that I did to continuously to grow my confidence in public.

1. I acted more dramas in secondary school.
2. I worked in customer service roles.
3. I worked as a tour guide in my university.
4. I took part in different activities at university.

As Nigerians would say, I made a decision to 'show myself'.


Don't 'show yourself' in the presence of the Nigerian Police, don't call my name. I am just your humble blogger trying to spice up your life with comedy and facts.

I am still a work in progress and you are too.


You must have known this already, but let me just say it. There is no 'special sauce' to breaking out of stage fright. But I can vouch for ToastMasters "Aso Rock Stars" , there are the best "communication strategy" chefs and they would help you discover your "special ingredient" that you would apply to have that "sauce" that would wow any crowd that you speak to.

Too much juice, too much sauce 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

PS: I would love to hear your thoughts on overcoming stage fright in the section below!. I want to learn more from all of you!

Best regards,

Ejieji Muna


  1. This post is very important because, we normally assume that speaking in public is not such a big deal until we are faced with a real-life situation and then the reality of the fact finally dawns on us. For me though, I'd say that the ability if public speaking can only be attained by a conscious effort to build and improve one's self.

    1. We share the same thoughts. Practice makes perfect. Keep practicising your way to the top !


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