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BlogSmart 2.0 Session on "Content Creation Stragies" at Ventures Park


I have been running this blog for a couple of months now and I saw an opportunity to be part of a community of bloggers, LoginBloggers at their BlogSmart event at Ventures Park, 29 Mambilla Street, Aso Drive, through a post on dotunroy, a SDG and community development blog. I knew that I had worked hard for 8 months on my blog but I realized that there was something I needed. It was high time for money to start coming out of it as Adsense was not really reeling in anything. I am just being polite by the way.

After the meeting last month, I was inspired to create order in my blog and give the readers much more value in order to build a cult-like following for my blog so that I would have readers that look forward to the next post and the post after that.

Fast forward to the second meeting.....


The executives of LoginBloggersAfrica  spoke about the importance of being part of the LoginBloggersAfrica community and the opportunities abound to network, learn and earn. Dotun of and Oscar of shared their ideas on how people can transform their blog through being a part of LoginBloggersAfrica and how LoginBloggersAfrica's ethos is  focused on changing the narratives of the African Continent through media.

The founder of LoginBloggersAfrica, Jenny Chisom of JCBlog a blog on male empowerment, shared her experiences in growing her blog and how she has managed to build a business around blogging iterating the different ways with which she was able to monetize her blog through blogging for organisations, through adverts amongst other monetization channels.

 If you want to find out about more channels to grow your blog, website etc and earn money as well? come along to the next meeting. LOL.  Reach out to them on their email and get involved!. I can't spill all the beans here.


When we had gone through introductions, we were asked how we were able to ;

1. Monetize our blog

I came and spoke about how the previous meeting opened up my understanding of blog monetization into a new and greater dimension. I realized ways on how to monetize my blog rather than wait for Adsense to pity my destiny and give me $1 in earnings after 3 months. After that meeting my head literally went boom! crazy ideas!

I decide to start writing an e-book on my transformative story and how I was able to start a hustle before NYSC and how it has now turned into a full company with team members. Still looking for a catchy name. My ideas for a caption are not captivating to say the least.

If you have any ideas, share them with me in the comments section below :)

I was able to monetize my blog through publishing Entrepreneur stories on my blog as well as publishing articles on startup hubs across Africa. There are more ideas loading but I cannot spill all the beans. LOL. They are crazy though!. I am super chuffed at the different ideas I have to earn so much from my blog.

AFRICAN TECHNOLOGY TO THE WORLD was my first 'monetized' post and I have been booked for the next month and a half for posts on Entrepreneurs. Just after 8 months! I know you are amazed.

I am also happy to announce that my very good friend A.K.A my Arewa brother, Aliyu Muhammed of Inside Arewa also had his own testimonies. It was becoming a 'church' affair. LOL

If you got the joke, put it in the section below. If you didn't, just keep reading.

He literally started monetizing two days before this meeting and within the first two hours of monetizing his blog. He earned N16,000. You might think it's magic. Far from it. He had been giving his heart to his blog for 7 years without ever thinking of it as a business, he already loved blogging about news coming from the North and about issues faced by Northerners obviously noted by the name of his blog InsideArewa (within the 19 northern states- news, politics, lifestyle, fiction etc). All he did was to approach his readers and offer them the opportunity to advertise and they started paying!. He advertises through his social media platforms and his whatsapp. He is still in talks on adverts on his blogs, Amazing right? From a hobby to a business. 

PS: I was the one that pushed him, but I won't complain too much.

His success is my success, because I know he would start paying me consultancy fees. LOL.

2. Published the free e-book

A couple of us started but to write e-book is no easy task. Raincheck everyone!


The attendants were allowed to share their challenges on monetizing their blog and creating content.

1. Joshua spoke about his blog Histattoo, where he speaks about the transformative effects of his faith on his life. He was thinking of ways that he could monetize information that he was putting out. I advised that he looked to offer training to people that are going through similar challenges that he had experienced and pulled through. People suggested that he write a book to put down all his experiences and offer it to people at a price.

2. Madam Celine that runs a research blog for her organisation CodNigeria, that works on the SDG's with particular focus on goal 1-7 and women development matters. She spoke about how they get visitors on their site and iterated the need to convert those visitors to earnings for her organisation. She was advised to take on seminars paid for by NGO's and other organisations that are involved in working towards the SDG's to train them on aspects on execution of some of the research they possess. She was also advised towards sharing excerpts of the research to the public whilst the company would charge a fee for the full research document. People also asked that NGO's and governmental associations usually would need such research and she should be ready to charge consultancy fees.

We shared a lot of ideas on how to create amazing content to grow our reader base and develop a cult-like following for our content. We shared different ideas on new methods to monetize our content. 

I am sure you're curious, just come for the next meeting taking place next month. Email them here


The meeting was so electric that I didn't want it to end  and I am sure that everyone who attended also shared similar feelings. We took a few pictures, shared our details and our blog accounts so that we all visit our blogs.

PS: I am quite a fine boy though.I look like a 'light' snack of amala and ewedu. LOL. (This picture was from Jenny Chisom's blog). 

On the way home, I had a lengthy discussion with Adaeze of DaisyParenting, a blog that helps 21st Century Parents to train their kids in an effective manner. Amazing right!, don't train your kids like your parents trained you, constantly read her blog, she has the keys to good parenting! 

If you are reading this and you are interested in the different blogs run by the amazing amazing people that I met on the Blogsmart Meetup, just leave a comment and I would share them with you. 

PS. There are words in highlight, if you click on them it would redirect you to the blogs of the people I referred to on the blog. They aren't there for fancy LOL.

I hope you enjoyed this read just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Best regards, 
Ejieji Muna

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