Saturday, 11 November 2017

Theme changes

It is quite late already and I am very knackered from the day I just had. Literally had to split myself between work and holding it down for my boys.

Shout out to Eke, a fellow Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur that just got married today. Congrats bro!
Big big shout out to Oc A.K.A Daddy Yo, Wishing you many more years!

Theme Changes!

So guys, I really want to thank everyone that shared ideas on how to make the blog more interesting for all of you our awesome readers. I didn't post yesterday because I was making some changes to the themes and I took time digesting the ideas from everyone whilst thinking about how viable creating content around your ideas would be.

1. #MotivationalMonday

This was fairly unanimous and I did agree to be fair. It would be give that early morning ginger to everyone to be the best they can possibly be. This would be our little contribution to your great new week! (every week LOL)

2. #BusinessandtheStateTuesdays

To do business in Africa is a hustle against everyone especially the government. Some governments pay lip service to creating an enabling environment for businesses while others do and we would be capturing what African governments are doing towards boosting the private sector. I do apologize if my information is skewed towards Nigeria. Shout out to Kitan! This your heading is long sha. But it's cool!

3. #YesWednesdays

There was no complaint here. It would still remain for Entrepreneurs and their amazing businesses.

4. EcosystemThursdays

This switched positions. But it would still remain there as I would be writing about startup hubs, co-working spaces and other service providers that startups in Africa can benefit from.

5. #EventfulFridays

Well I don't know why I went along with this. It just sounded cool. It would sort of prepare one's mind for the weekend as most spicy startup events are usually planned on Saturdays. I am open to correction. Although the events I may put down on this day might be time in advance. The decision to do anything really just depends on me. LOL. Shoutout to TM Mercy!

6. #Quickies

This wasn't disputed as well, as impromptu things might come along and any inspirational posts I have to give you guys.

7. #FundingSaturdays

This was evidently moved to Saturdays and the argument that a couple amazing people gave was that it would give people enough time on the weekend to look through them and probably work through them as opposed to getting them on the weekend and it cramps their style. Shoutout to Charlie and TM Mercy!

8. #GiveBackSundays

Entrepreneurs are usually focused on boosting revenue, cutting costs etc etc. But this would constantly act as a reminder to give back to the society by refocusing on the SDG's and play our part to support our continent to achieve them. Shout out to Sochi, This is your amazing idea!

If I miss any day, just bear with me. I can't come and die on top the blog. LOL. But I would try my very best to stay on track. The ginger is truly internal.

Thanks for the support to the people that gave their own thoughts, To Ty, sorry I forgot your thoughts, it's my fault, my brain used to off sometimes, it's allowed! LOL.

For those that didn't give their thoughts. Take your thank you from your President in Aso Rock.


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Thanks for reading,

Muna Ejieji

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