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Welcome to the Young Entrepreneur Series theme of the blog. As earlier iterated, we will be using this themed day to talk about Young African Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Changemakers and their businesses or projects which they use to change the world from their own communities. I had an amazing conversation with a fellow Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur and he told me his story. It was totally electric! LOL. Don't worry you would get the joke when you read this article.


Emmanuel Otegah, Founder/CTO Dice Devices 

While we were in school, we were taught about the greatest innovators. From the philosophers Archimedes and Socrates, to the Einstein who was the major reason why we studied modern physics in school. We all revered them, albeit hated them, for making us work hard especially those of us that studied sciences. In the last century, we have seen African innovators join the league of people that have changed the world, most notably, Philip Emeagwali, a Nigerian, dubbed the “Father of the Internet”.

In Africa within the last few years, we have been bursting with a tirade of young change makers, young innovators, young Entrepreneurs that are creating businesses that would transform our continent despite the inherent challenges that we face.

I am pleased to be a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur and getting the opportunity to connect with a 1000 young Entrepreneurs that are changing the world in their own little way in their communities around Africa. I had a discussion with a true African Innovator, Emmanuel Otegah, Founder Dice Devices and he spoke to me about his business and how it started and I was too enthralled and motivated to do even better with my business. You want to know what he does, He is creating African Technology for the World.

He started out playing with electronics from a very young age and he later turned into “a family technician” opening up and repairing faulty electronics like the home vhs player and even the TV. It was soon after this that he created his first invention a DC charge interface that connected a portable cd player to the cigarette port in his father’s Mercedes V-boot in the year 2000. It was therefore definite, he was poised for greatness. This was his Eureka Moment.

The heads of Entrepreneurs light up like this everytime, one idea after another.

After he finished from Secondary School, he understudied an electronics technician for a month before going ahead to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Lagos whilst he continued to hone his craft and repair electronics and computers for neighbors for free until he started to factor in his costs. It was definitely passion that led him this far.

He went on to develop his second invention dubbed the “Dice Optolator”, a portable and affordable device that makes it possible to use heavy duty appliances on a low capacity power generator and can also help reduce electricity consumption of public power supply to save energy costs. To all of you that experience difficulty in ironing clothes and boiling water with small generator or experiencing high energy charges on prepaid meters, this device solves your problem.

Yes, I put the two pictures of the Dice Optolator, when you invent something of yours let me know....

When he recorded his first sales alongside good reviews, he realized he had found his sweet spot and decided to register his company, Dice Devices in 2012. In 2015, he acquired his trademark and patent as he continues to develop proprietary African Technology for the World.

He has indeed turned his passion into a Pan-African Business trading on Konga and Jumia, selling both his proprietary technology products alongside supplementary products from other manufacturers. 

He understands that there is huge competition from China and other developed economies and he agrees that it is indeed easier to send designs to China and have them manufacture the products for him. 

Emmanuel is dogged and focused on his vision to create African Technology to rival international technology and meet global standards. He sets a very high target and goal for himself despite the business terrain in Africa rife with poor electricity, poor government policies amongst others. That is truly what it means to be an African Entrepreneur, to believe in something greater than what our society offers us. Emmanuel Otegah is a true dreamer and a true African Innovator. A gem to our generation.

He continues to grow Dice Devices sales revenue on his various selling spaces on Jumia and Konga which he has linked to his website www.dicedevices.com  in addition to offering tech services such as electronics and computer repairs.

Who is interested in a game of ludo. We will play after you click on www.dicedevices.com and check them out!

He testified to the experience during the Tony Elumelu Foundation program as it gave him a greater dimension to what it meant to manage a business despite previously attending multiple business training programs. He has continued to incorporate the lessons learnt from the program into his business and he has met unprecedented success.

He continues to grow and develop new technology as he consistently innovates his old technology to constantly be ahead of copycats. Despite having a patent, he has a strong belief that continuous innovation is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. He has delved into building solar panels, electrotherapy devices and security systems such as motion detectors and fire alarms. He is currently building a solar generator which has successfully passed the test phase and would be available commercially in January 2018.

That is what Dice Devices solar generator would do to you!

He understands that he doesn’t know everything and consistently looks to evolve his brand and hone his craft to produce even better and more commonly demanded electronics across Africa. He learns and shares ideas at forums run by electronic hobbyists from all around the world. It is also important for him to network with other Entrepreneurs within the startup ecosystem in Africa to learn and share his ideas on best business practices.

Please,We know no man is an island, but this place looks like police is not disturbing there.LOL. Please Network with others and grow, don't be a local champion to yourself, your parents and your staff.

He believes that there is no true model in business and has therefore applied different sales channels starting with direct marketing, moving unto dealerships and then using Online Sales platforms like Jumia and Konga which has proved most beneficial although he is always looking to learn and seek better channels to create greater awareness for his brand and make better sales.

This is his advice to young Africans looking to venture into Entrepreneurship:

“First and foremost as a Nigerian Entrepreneur, you must be dogged. You should be very open to diversification within your industry to generate multiple streams of income just like I am producing my own proprietary technology, offering tech services as well as selling other tech products from other manufacturers. It is important to also note that you must make a habit to consistently develop yourself through training programs and networking events.”

Thank you Emmanuel Otegah, Founder, Dice Devices for giving me the opportunity to tell your story with a side serving of humour.

Best regards,
Ejieji Muna.


  1. This is a very inspiring story. Thank you Emmanuel Otegah!

    1. We are really happy that this post inspires you, we look forward to tell your story to the world sir. Keep grinding. Keep Hustling!


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