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Entrepreneurship Built on Honed Talent


We both know she's the sauce, don't take your eyes off her, her story would blow your mind.

Her name is Tochi Friday. She's Linguapreneur. She's the CEO of Smarter Languages Academy, a registered Nigerian Company that was built on the principles reducing language barriers and foster opportunities for people across Nations. She believes if a child knows more than 2 international languages, he or she would be equipped to save someone from a dire situation that wouldn't have been solved because of  language barriers.

I met her a couple months ago at a "Boost your Business with Facebook" training and a couple more times after that. I took time out to learn about her business and I was  triggered to publish her story to "Enspire" my readers especially those thinking about venturing into Entrepreneurship.

LOL. If you know you know! Sorry no hints!


She developed an interest in Languages as a result of her french teacher in Secondary school at FGGC, Umuahia who was always travelling for conferences and handling translations for clients and organisations.

she wanted to be like her teacher growing up.

I am sure her teacher was like this to her.

She went ahead to learn French-German Languages at University of Nigeria, Nsukka although she she did not plan to learn German but she decided to try it out. She did well in the first two years at University and began to grow a greater interest in German to the stage that she did her thesis on the experiences of Black Germans during the Holocaust  fully written in the German Language.

In case you didn't know, black people suffered when the Jews also suffered, but no one tells that story!


Some people might think that you might need tons of experience to start a business but you don't. She served with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria in Abuja from June 2015 to May 2016.


She was specific about finding a job that allowed her to translate, learn and teach french or german and many job openings didn't fit the bill. But  at some point because of stomach infrastructure she took a job with SOLINA, a US-Nigerian pharmaceuticals where she spent less than a month.


Young people that grow up in the internet age are prone to seeing pictures of their friends taking holidays and having fun travelling around the world creating a false narrative of what success really means. 

"Success is a journey, it means being better today that who you were yesterday".

It is that consistent work to always be a better version of yourself that defines success.

Tochi understands this principle squarely....

She contemplated going for a Masters' to go to Germany and understand the culture of the Germans but she made a decision to work and gain experience.

She then got involved with the Next Economy Program that trains young people either to be prepared for the labour market or to be Entrepreneurs to be the drivers of the "Next Economy".

Funny enough. She took the Labour market route...


God works in marvellous ways...

She received an 'epiphany of sorts' whilst watching a TV series "Untold Stories of the Emergency Room (ER)"

In the show....

A lady was admitted into the emergency room and the doctors found it difficult to diagnose her because she could not speak English.

I want to crack a joke here, but it is fairly inappropriate as someone was about to die in a movie. LOL

Her life was saved because they was an unsuspecting security man that could understand her language to a certain extent and he was able to interface for the lady to the doctors and her life was saved.

Moral of the Story: The Security Man's multi-lingual ability saved that woman's life.

This was Tochi's Aha moment, she knew that saving lives and building people that can save more lives is critical in our society and the way she can do that is to play her part in building a world with no language barriers.


This experience inspired her to make the switch to the Entrepreneurship route and that birthed the idea behind "Smarter Languages Academy".

She focused on teaching French and German to young children. She also offered translation services to individuals and organisations.

She registered her business in December 2016!


Despite funding challenges, she started her business offering home tutoring for kids in German and French Languages as well as offering translation services to organisations.

She got her very first customer in February 2017.

Now she has taught over 50 people, just over a year November 2017. A lot of them returning students that are willing to learn English.

She started teaching only 2 subjects, but she now has a staff strength of  5 instructors that  teach Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Russian, Spanish, French and German.


1. Her greatest sellers are her clients. Referrals stand at no 1.
2. The presence of her business on Vconnect has helped her get clients.
3. Her presence on social media has helped create awareness for her brand.
4. She is on Google my Business.

These 4 channels all contributed to the growth of her company.


Good morning Mr Moderator, Accurate Time Keeper, My co-debators. I hope I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that if you learn a new language today, you could be saving a life tomorrow!

So hurry up!

Visit her company website here and book to learn a language today:

It feels good when money falls on you!


My apologies!. This post is coming in late but for very good reasons. The blog is growing from strength to strength and we recorded a growth from 7,000 views to 8,000 views in just under 5 days. Let me give you a bit of perspective. When I began this blog, it took me over 3 months to get my first 1000 views. I look forward to the times when we would get 1000 views in 5 minutes of posting an article.

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So this post was a bit lengthy, but it was totally worth it, wasn't it?

Thanks for reading,
Ejieji Muna


  1. Very intetesting and informative. Will surely get in touch with SLA. Kudos!!

    1. I am very very excited that you enjoyed the read. They offer Nigerian and European Language courses. If you get to their website, you would be able to reach out to them!. Thanks! This is the link to their website here.


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