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How to improve your brand visibility online?


Some Entrepreneurs in the growing African startup ecosystem usually have this ideology that once they have a website they should automatically start getting users on it. After a while they realize that the website is just like having a shop space in a market. The problem lies in  getting customers or users to visit your website to either request or purchase your product or service.


I could literally hear you ask that. Don't worry I would explain.

There are 4 ways you can improve the visibility of your brand online. 

Well that I can think of right now. We call on more experienced Entrepreneurs that are reading this to give more hints in the comments section below. 

1. Social Media

It has become increasingly important that brands create content on social media through curated business accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Companies like HubbonNG can also help you manage your social media platforms if you think it's a hassle. 

2. Content Marketing

Newspapers are quickly phasing out especially if your target market are millenials. 

Even my dad spends half of his day on his phone.

Increasingly levearging your content on whatsapp and Facebook to drive users to your site works most especially in Nigeria.

Remember, I didn't say spam people with buy my shoes, buy my bags etc etc. Create interesting discussions or topics where people can constantly relate with your brand outside making purchases.

Lowkey I am giving out my marketing strategy. Oh well, this life is a pot of beans.

It is also very IMPORTANT to leverage on blogs like this one you're currently reading.

You that owns that business. Yes you! . I am referring to you!

Leveraging on blogs that have a growing readership or an established readership that you can convert to your customers are what you should be looking out for. Ensure that the blog attracts readers that would be interested in your service. Target certain blogs that you assess to have readers that would most likely be your clientele, don't just pick any blog because they are popular. 

You might say I am just trying to sell the blog to you. But what can man do. We have to sell our market.

3. Influencer Marketing

I am sorry for using this example and also for using a Nigerian-centric example, but it does help buttress my point.

Here we have Bob the risky boy, man, girl or woman?? I am just as confused as you are!

Hate him or love him, Nigerians have made him an "overnight" Internet sensation.

For those have been trying to be popular since,

 Dry your tears.

My point here is, it is equally very important that you can leverage on internet sensations (probably not like Mr Bob the risky girl) but comedians and accounts with high followership to create awareness for your brand as well as  market your products. 


Well I don't know about you, unless your advert is out of this world, once I see that sponsored tag on the corner of the post, I move on. I remember when I tried advertising content on Facebook. I paid a few dollars, got a lot of likes, a bit more comments, but a few people clicked on the questionnaire that I sent out when I was still carrying out market research for HubbonNG

If you're part of the people that are arguing that I didn't put the right parameters, bring your card especially if it's GTB, let's see how you feel when they convert a $10 facebook ad to N10,000. It's not like we are in Kenya. 

PS: If you're a brother or sister from Kenya. No hard feelings. I just play too much!

PS: I am not running, I just decided to exercise my legs.

4. Business Listing Platforms

If you grew up in the city, your parents would bring a big "yellow book" to search for numbers of businesses or service men that they needed. It was called the "Yellow Pages".

We thank God for the internet, it's now much easier. You can visit  HubbonNG Business Listing Platform to see different businesses that can offer services that you want.

Specifically for businesses, this is a good tool. You can create a presence online, especially if you're bootstrapping and you dont't have money for 'developers'. 

Developers don't be angry, we are all trying to sell our market.

Here take a sip of  Jabi Boat Club's finest "Tequila Sunrise" or "Lemon Chapman" for the pain.

You can always sign up your businesses on HubbonNG Business Listing Platform and leverage on the customers that visit us on a daily basis.

Ask Tochi, CEO of Smarter Languages Academy how she leveraged on Vconnect to start growing her business. While you're at it, ask her how much she gained from writing her brand story on this this blog you're currently reading.

As our young daddy, Wizkid says.

Don't dull!

Don't also sleep on the "proverbial" bicycle in Entrepreneurship. 

Be proactive,
Grow your business with HubbonNG!

Peace out!

Best regards,
Ejieji Muna


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