Friday, 27 April 2018

Cheap Advertising for Startups

Hello Everyone,

I am not going to start with any apologies because I realize that I would keep apologizing continuously and I wouldn't still end up being consistent.

"Actions speak louder than words they say"

But Like I said, I didn't come here to air my dirty laundry in public. I came here to create value for Entrepreneurs.


I know that very many Entrepreneurs especially Startup Entrepreneurs like myself are trying to ensure that they manage their funds to ensure that they have enough financial "runway" before they can scale and be profitable. This usually puts marketing at a very "critical" conundrum.

Entrepreneurs are always looking at cost-per- customer acquisition to ensure that each marketing channel they pursue, yields them enough returns. Most times they turn to Facebook Paid Advertising, Instagram and Influencer Marketing. Although the effectiveness of these channels are debatable especially in this 'tricky' and 'rude' market that we call AFRICA.

" I remember when I did a Facebook Advert when I was just testing out HubbonNG's value proposition, I used a Facebook Advert to get more people to give their assessments on our value propositions and I got likes on the post but very few responses on the actual questionnaire that went out. Let's just say I still owe Facebook some money, LOL".

Sumn! Just happened rai now! Apostle Mark will hear of this. LOL.

Referrals, Influencer Marketing, Peer-to-peer marketing, Content Marketing and Offline Events have proved to be HubbonNG's most potent marketing channels till date. But we have grown to a certain level where we decided to take our advertising up a notch especially as we are looking to scale from 100 deliveries in 6 months to 100 deliveries a month. More people need to know about HubbonNG and fast!

You know in this world, It is important to know people. No! Not the "Nigerian" uncle or Senator "know". But legitimately go out to events, network and maintain "cordial" relationships that could turn to partnerships and most importantly PAYING CUSTOMERS. You never know where you next 30 Billion is coming from.

A friend, Henry whom I met at a business pitch event sometime last year who currently works as a Sales Personnel for the biggest transit media business in Nigeria, KekeAds came with a proposition.

HE SAYS: HubbonNG is growing and needs more people to know about it you know. Check out other advertising channels that a lot of people see everyday, we are clearly the cheapest and more people even see us. 

I SAY: Very attractive offer. Plus hell! They are even giving extra income to Keke riders. Social Entrepreneurship gets me every time.

As a smart business man, I looked for what we could offer KekeAds too. We have currently over a 100 businesses signed up on our platform. This is direct business for KekeAds and we got tons of readers on this blog that are Entrepreneurs that can jump on this idea.

A barter deal? Of course. YES!

Client Referrals, Articles and Advertisement on HubbonNG for Advertisement on KekeAds!

This is a cue for small companies. You can always exchange services for other services. Not everything needs to be paid in full by cash. Always leverage on opportunities or "MUTUAL GAIN".

Look at how the Advert looks though!

It is funny that the final prototype for this design was done by me.

Need excellent graphic design services? Contact HubbonNG! Let's make more money to ensure that we keep afloat for as long as possible till we become profitable. LOL.

I know you must be wondering how you can leverage on this opportunity to get your business advert in front of millions of commuters on a daily basis in all the cities across Nigeria.


1. Most importantly, signup on HubbonNG as a client to be eligible for a 25% discount for KekeAds and other exciting opportunties with the link below

2. Show interest by reaching out to us by mail ( or on our various social media platforms (@hubbonNG on Twitter, @hubbonDeliveryNG on Facebook, @hubbon_ng on Instagram and HubbonNG on Snapchat) or simply call us on 080HubbonNG (08048226664).

3. We agree terms, you make payment and then we begin work with the KekeAds team.

4. You would be invited to be at the launch event of your advert and your Business would begin its trip with KekeAds across the different cities where you choose to place them.

as simple as ABC right?


Don't forget that you can always book deliveries within your cities or from one city to another in Nigeria with

Nice to share ideas with you again after a long time.

Best regards,

Ejieji Muna
(Co-Founder, HubbonNG)

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