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How to use the PEBEC Reporting App for NAFDAC Complaints

Hello Everyone,

Happy May Day.

I know you all are enjoying the holiday granted to us by our own government. We are probably out and about with our families and most likely contemplating watching the newly released movie "Avengers".

I watched it. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you. So back to the reason why you are all here reading this post.

So I described in two of my earlier posts about what the government is doing to ensure that business is done easier in Nigeria. 

In these articles, I mentioned the PEBEC Report App that allows Entrepreneurs to report or give feedback on different MDA's that you have tried to work with and experienced challenges or smooth operations while trying to get an approval, license or other form of documentation that are necessary to run their business.

In this article, I would be explaining in a simple format on how to use the app effectively. Here I would be reporting a claim on behalf of a friend that started his own cleaning agents manufacturing company and has experienced challenges with NAFDAC.

Unfortunately, as he is still working through the process, he asks that I leave him anonymous when filing the complaint. I would use one of my codenamed email address to file this complaint so as to measure that the complaint/feedback is actually attended to.

His fear is not unfounded. As you cannot be sure that NAFDAC won't start a lynching effort to ensure that your factory never starts. But this sucks!

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On the Keke (tricycle) it looked like this.

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OK. I am done selling my market.

So let's head straight away to explain how to navigate and lay your complaint on the PEBEC REPORT APP

When you click the link above. It takes you to this page shown below

If you scroll down, it gives you a 3-step process breakdown of how you can navigate the website.

It looks like this...

Right... So.

As I said earlier we are going to log a complaint. This is stated to be a beta version where they test the capabilities and effectiveness and look at different ways that they can actually begin to ensure that federal government agencies make their processes simpler, more transparent and more beneficial to Entrepreneurs.

They began this process with just a handful of agencies to test out the process.

The next page asks you to select a particular agency that you are going to log your complaint/leave feedback on.

So as I said earlier we are going to report NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control)

So when you click NAFDAC, you get to a form that comes in 3 stages, illustrated below

In this stage, You fill in your details and the MDA in particular that you want to report.

In this stage you give details of the actual incident that you found difficult as a result of NAFDAC delays or request of bribes and other issues that may have caused the difficulties.

When all the details of the query/report have been filled.

You click report.

You would then receive a ticket number and an assurance that your report would be attended to within a specified time frame as well as be provided with a report reference number with which you would check the progress of your report as illustrated below.

Let us watch and see

And in case you are wondering what I filled in the report. It was a 7-point agenda centered on the struggles of gettting a NAFDAC approval. Here is a summary.

1. Cumbersome processes: CAC, Trademark, Rental/Purchase of Big Property, Equipment, Raw Materials, Sizes and Partitioning and Demarcation of Property, Delays.

2. Bribery: "Transportation Allowance", "Shake-Body", "Ginger fees" etc etc

3. Mysterious Agents acting as fronts for the staff of the agency to collect "consultancy fees".

4. Lack of claims to suggest that it is actually easier to do business in Nigeria when Entrepreneurs are facing these challenges.

I rest my case.

To those that read this. I hope I passed my message across.

Let us play our role as stakeholders in the progress of our country and its economy by logging in our complaints with these agencies that have made it difficult to perform our role as 'hardworking' and not 'lazy' citizens. LOL

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Best regards,
Ejieji Munachiso
(Co-founder, HubbonNG)

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