Monday, 30 July 2018

How can I deal with dissappointments in "Building a Startup"?

I don't want to start with an apology. Let's skip that bit and get straight to the point.

I need help

Funny right, I usually start my posts on a pedestal of perceived knowledge. But of recent, things haven't gone according to plan and I owe to you all that started this journey with me to know what's wrong.

At the beginning of June it became glaring to Uche and I that we are burning out too fast. We are growing no doubt and we are getting more customers 


We are running out of capital and we haven't broken even yet.

Yes, HubbonNG is run by a Dynamic Duo! 

I didn't tell you?

I see you staring.

For the past couple of months since we closed our first grant  (The Tony Elumelu Foundation) raising follow-on seed funding has been a emotionally tiring journey.

It's difficult to know that funders might not be interested in what your passionate about and that's a difficult pill to swallow. What's worse is that I look at the impact that HubbonNG can have on the Youth population that are looking for supplementary income that we can provide for them as part of our delivery partner network and the possibility of us creating that impact for them seems to be mere tales by moonlight each passing day.

Successful Entrepreneurs say to us, "Stay Gritty"

The possibility of running and building a startup in Nigeria requires much more than grit, it requires divine intervention. Now I understand why prayers are much more important than hard work, because it requires God putting extra effort to make sure that all the constellations align for your success.

"No wonder I sit in the 3rd Floor of  building in Maitama and about midday on many occasions, I hear people in prayer sessions crying unto God to save them from their enemies and their village people. They are literally everywhere."

In the government office, when they tell you that you need to pay N1.5million for a license to run a new delivery company or on the road as task force agents, stopping your delivery bike that needs to deliver a customer's lunch in 20mins and they tell the rider that they have to pay a N25,000 fine. 

"We need God to help navigate these stormy waters of Entrepreneurship".

I had a discussion with a friend this morning and he said it better than I could.

"There is no point starting a small business in Nigeria, the government would find a way to kill it on arrival"

The truth is no one wants to know how much you are struggling!

"Get up and Get to Work"

You chose not to get a 9 to 5, after listening and reading that you are smarter and better off than people that decided to slave themselves for others like you because in your mind they are stupid.

"Now who's more stupid?"

I had a serious heart-to-heart with my dad yesterday and he told me the key for him to weather the storm of all the challenges he has been through is to focus on the solution. He tries not to let the challenge itself hold him back and puts all his energy in getting a solution to the problems he faces.

We would be taking a page out of his book and we would be launching in a couple of weeks an investment opportunity with HubbonNG, where you can invest and get 20% interest at the end of year.

Have any questions on how you can show interest in investing in HubbonNG. Send us an email on

By the way.
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There is an added benefit, you can get your products delivered to your customers' doorstep anywhere across Nigeria at affordable rates. 

Sign up on today!

Thanks for reading.

We want to hear your thoughts on different ways you have dealt with disappointments in building your startup/business in the comments section below!.

Best regards,
Ejieji Muna
(Co-founder, HubbonNG)


  1. Everything you have said is absolutely true. From the disappointments, to the feeling of just giving up,its all true. It easy to choose running for the hills to settle but when I think of that I think of all the greats who never gave up. Even when they faced
    disappointing circumstances they choose not to give up. Some are still working towards their dream, others are still trying to make it but they have not given up.
    Its better to be hustling trying to build something you are passionate about than working a 9-5 with all the money in the world. Cause even people with money fall into depression and commit sucide.
    Its hard to break through but its all part of the success story cause when you do, no one would be more prouder than you.
    So keep on pushing and of course always pray you will never know when your divine blessing will come.

    1. Thank you thank you. We have to keep working hard and the end will justify the means that we used to get there. We are building legacies that is why we have to pass through the fire to get that done because many people don't get there.

      One day we would be called to give speeches on a grand scale.

  2. True talk bro! But like your dad said, the key is to focus on the solution & keep pushing, before you know it all forces work together to ensure your success.
    And we have to keep engaging like minds to get inspiration & motivation, " iron sharpens iron"...
    That has worked for me! I keep talking about my passion, the present frustration & it great potential if successful to everyone that care to listen. Well! Some have sympathized, some mocked but some have helped....

    1. Money maker of life!

      I just dey learn from you!

      But that is so true that is why the Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni Community has been so supportive giving me business even when my customers are misbehaving themselves. This economy sha nawa.

      But the opportunities and priceless advice we share with one another and the way we support one another when we are down cannot be replicated elsewhere.

      Continue to reach for the sun!
      More money into your bank account!


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