Friday, 24 August 2018

HubbonNG: Our Very First Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello Everyone, 
I really appreciate the love and support that you all showed me when I completely laid the company's challenges bare here a couple of days ago and for those that have stuck wtih us from Day 1.

We also have had successes and we feel that you can even join us on our journey and play a strong role in building Nigeria's top courier/delivery company.

1. We have had a revenue of close to N500,000 this year alone. Might not seem like a lot. But ask a corper how much he has made in 8 months and then you will understand the progress we are making. We are still a long way away from the goal. But we are much further along in the journey that when we started in 2017.

2. We have completed over 200 deliveries for individuals and businesses over the past 8 months. We have a paying customer base of 25 businesses. And at some point in the year, we did some letter deliveries for a government agency. Trust me, I felt like I was a contractor already. Lol.

3. We have begun to get collaboration requests from Enterprise service companies that want to leverage on our customer base to offer them services ranging from printing and publishing services, enterprise credit facilities as well as animation and graphic design services. This is a potential revenue stream we never planned for which we look to exploit over the next couple of months.

4. We have truly been blessed by God as He has given us support at critical points of our development process through opening doors for us through various means. Mentorship, Training and funding from the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

The Next Economy Programme supported by the Enspire Incubator where we have had in-depth business support services, office space and wifi in MAITAMA all for FREE!. I honestly never hexperredit. 

And finally qualifying for the Y-combinator Startup School where the team would be mentored by business leaders from all over the world and if we are lucky we could get some money. That's great to hear right.

I understand that starting a business is perhaps one of the toughest things to do, more so in Nigeria where some "successful business owners" would tell Youth on social media that it's "because of God" when we ask to know how they were able to build large companies in Nigeria. No tangible response. We are religious in Nigeria, we understand that the God factor is important definitely, but what did they have to do, what pitfalls do we avoid etc. etc. Many of these answers still remain largely unanswered.

I have been told success is a journey. And it is said that a journey of a thousand miles first begins with a step. HubbonNG is officially a year old and I feel that through careful curating my experiences in "starting and running a business in Nigeria" in a book would be essential for people looking to launch their very first company. 

By this time next week, my book "Clueless to CEO" would be live to be purchased through various e-book platforms and I would be willing to print and sell hard-cover copies based on demand from people like you. The book sales would be accompanied with merchandize sales where we would sell items from T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, pens, Lanyards, Flash Drives and other nifty gift items as part of our crowdfunding campaign where we would be looking to raise over 10 million naira to buy delivery infrastructure (bikes, tricycles, trucks) for our company because we have largely been reliant on outsourcing these services to other companies and it presents its own unique challenges.

All our successes have been achieved by a team of 2. Uche Ozoemena and I, who were high school classmates. Amazing right?
We can't begin this process without informing you so that we know what you think and we will begin with this small task for you.

WHICH OF THESE BOOK COVER DESIGNS would most likely persuade you to buy the book for yourself, your spouse, your kids, a sibling or even a PARENT that would benefit from reading the 12 Factors that I consider to be vital in launching your first company.





Did you know you could  pre-order the e-copy for N3,000 or the hard cover copy for N7,500.  We can only print the hard cover when there is volume so we envisage that if you order a hard cover book you would have to wait for 30 days till we build enough volume for print!

Engage me and let's talk. Head to the comment section straight away!
Or contact me privately on WhatsApp (07015766545) for more information.

Dont forget that if you need any deliveries done. Book on

Best regards,
Ejieji Muna
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